Our mission

Gamers are a fast-growing, yet underserved target group in Food and Beverage. Just Legends started out to change that. Our mission is to create a brand that targets specifically the needs and preferences of the over 2.7 bn. gamers worldwide by combining functional and healthy ingredients with amazing taste and playful design.

So far we have persuaded almost 40,000 customers to purchase with us and over 65,000 Followers on Social Media.

Our product

So far we have developed 22 products across 6 Categories in 1.5 years. We aim to produce the most innovative products around the following trends:

- Energy & Focus: Natural energy boost and increased concentration during gaming sessions.

- Sleep & Recovery: Increased sleep quality and better recovery after gaming sessions.

- Healthy Hydration: Non caffeinated drinks that support your daily vitamin intake.

- Smart Snacking: Functional and convenient snacks for gaming sessions.